Vlog: IBM Monitoring (APM) V8 Deep Dive Session 7 - Pre Req Failure: How to Mount the RHEL DVD as a Repo

By IMWUC Community Team posted Tue October 15, 2019 02:38 AM


Welcome to my Monitoring Version 8 Education Series: including, blogs, YouTube demos, educational tips, and hot updates!

By Mark Leftwich

The aim of this series is to pass on the hands-on knowledge of the products, directly to you. All of the information is sourced from using the product in the field with you, so hopefully having this focus and having a central location will help all using the product. Today's session focuses on creating a new repo from a RHEL install DVD, so you can install the required dependencies that the product requires to run. This can be flagged as FAIL by the installation pre-req checker/scanner. There are a series of blogs all targeting and demonstrating how to correct pre-req failures step-by-step with a live demo.

This session overviews how to mount the RHEL DVD as a repo, including:

  • How to use the RHEL DVD as a repository to install the dependencies from

  • Creating a repo file

  • Adding the new repo to the running OS configuration

  • How to clear the OS repository cache

  • How to check the new repo is available and ready to use