Netcool Java Applets Certificate Expiration on 26th Feb 2018 – What’s About It?

By Ken Stone posted Tue October 15, 2019 02:16 AM


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There are couple of emails and posts over last few weeks on both IBM and User Groups websites, how do I know if my Netcool deployment has any impact & what’s really affected?

The impact is for both OMNIbus-WebGUI & ITNM-GUI, and in-terms of what’s affected, it’s any portlets that use Java Applets, such as, Active Event List(AEL), Maps, Map Editor, Java Version of Filter/View Editors, ITNM Network View, Hop View, Network Health View etc.

The good news is, it has either very minimum impact or NO impact at all based on your versions of Netcool components. The only products in affect are : OMNIbus WebGUI & ITNM GUI, though TBSM & Predictive Insights are listed its tied to OMNIbus WebGUI bundled in that component – see below table for specifics.





Do I have to apply re-signed jar files or change Java setting on my work station or both?

Two scenarios:

Scenario#1 – Existing exception in Java on your workstation.

So, if you’ve exception for the TIP/DASH, nothing should change on 26th Feb 2018. To validate if you’ve an exception or not, you can navigate to ‘Control Panel’ -> ‘Java’ -> ‘Security’ Tab and verify if your TIP/DASH portal on the exception list as described in below screen shot. If you don’t have an entry, and if you want to skip installing any fixes, then add an entry for your TIP/DASH host.




Senario#2: Apply fix to address Applet Certificate expiration

If you are approaching this method means, you do not want to add exception of TIP/DASH portal to your work station as described in scenario#1. 

ITNM v3.8 FixPack#7 clients can download fix from FixCentral

ITNM v3.9 FixPack#5 clients can download fix from FixCentral

ITNM v4.1.1 FixPack#2 clients can download fix from FixCentral

ITNM v4.1.1 Fixpack#1 clients can download fix from FixCentral


How to check what version of ITNM-GUI/WebGUI fixpack I’m on?

If you are using TIP run below commands to check WebGUI/ITNM versions.

  • For Root install:
    • /usr/ibm/common/asci/bin/ | egrep -i "webtop|ncp_guicommon"
  • For non-root install:

Below is excerpt from ITNM v3.9 TIP Server:



Below is excerpt from ITNM v4.1.1 TIP server



To know which fixpack you are on:

WebGUI(which is represented as Webtop) – for e.g. = Its WebGUI 7.4 with FixPack3.

ITNM-GUI is doesn’t reveal easily fixpack specifics:

  • v3.9 GA=v3.9.0.71, FP3=, FP4=, FP5=
  • v4.1.1, GA= FP1=, FP2=

If you are using DASH, run below commands to check WebGUI version:

  • For Root install:
  • For non-root install:



If you require fix for WebGUI, please raise Case with IBM Support at 

When raising Case, please include System information about WebGUI by logging into TIP/DASH as user ‘ncoadmin’  from the navigation menu -> Troubleshooting and Support -> System Information for WebGUI.

You can read more about OMNIbus-WebGUI at