ITCAM for Transactions - ISM and EIF Integration - Page (URL) Field Longer than 64 Characters

By IMWUC Community Team posted Tue October 15, 2019 02:31 AM


by Eric Montagnon

Here is a tip if you are using ITCAM4Tx with ISM agent and its http/s monitor, with page (url) field longer than 64 characters :

When you configure a HTTP(S) monitor using TEP ISM Configuration GUI, if the page parameter is longer than 64 characters, ISM configuring GUI page accepts it, but in TEP client GUI, the "Page" column  is cut to 64 characters.
You may have potentially set your own situations to raise alarms when targeted URL/Page is not available..
And you can forward such ISM alarms to EIF and display them into TIP console. But then in TEP or TIP consoles, the page url info is truncated after 64 characters.

The only area where of the ISM HTTP monitor PAGE attribute  is limited to 64 characters is the display output in the TEP.                         
This is because the ODI table has a limit of 64 characters for the PAGE attribute and ODI columns aren't able to be resized with ITM.                                                        
If you are using a ITM situation for example with ISM  KIS_HTTP attribute group that is passing the PAGE parameter via EIF slot customization feature, then KIS_HTTP.PAGE attribute  is truncated to 64 characters.                 
a RFE was created earlier for this kind of issue :                      
RFE 77983 - Increase URL Character length to 512   

and this RFE was included in 7401 IF2, as stated in its readme :                
The possible solution is to alter the situation in use to send the LONGPAGE  attribute rather than the PAGE attribute.                               
ISM 7401 IF10 supersedes ISM 7401 IF2, see its readme:                                 
When I look on my own Windows TEMS/TEPS system,  where ISM 7401 IF10 application support is already installed, in C:\IBM\ITM\CMS\ATTRLIB\kis.atr file, I see :                                 
entr ATTR                                                               
name KIS_HTTP.Page                                                      
affi 00000000000000000000100000000000##000000000                        
colu PAGE                                                               
type 10                                                                 
slng 64                                                                 
msid KIS0000                                                            
opgr 1024                                                               
atid 00030092                                                           
entr ATTR                                                               
name KIS_HTTP.LongPage                                                  
affi 00000000000000000000100000000000#y000000000                        
colu LONGPAGE                                                           
type 10                                                                 
slng 512                                                                
msid KIS0000                                                            
opgr 1024                                                               
atid 00030109                                                           
so if you don't have installed it yet, I recommend to install ISM 7401 IF10 on your ISM agent, (upgrade it from 7.4.x to 7401 + IF10)                                                              
install ISM 7401 IF10 application support on TEMS/TEPS/TEP as well                        
Then, by changing your EIF slot customization settings of the ISM situation currently in use, and using KIS_HTTP.LongPage instead of KIS_HTTP.Page attribute, it should solve your issue.


for reference, possible useful link :