ITCAM for Transactions - ISM - Agent Status 'Out of Sync'

By IMWUC Community Team posted Tue October 15, 2019 02:31 AM


by Eric Montagnon

ISM agent status = "out of sync" appears in TEP ISM Configuration GUI. What should I do?


1) If using the 'Agent resync' button didn't help, review first this technote :

Review also the other technote links included in it, as this could help you to sove your issue.


2) You can also use 'ismconfig' CLI and try to resync the ISM agent with the CLI tool.                             


and for reference about where to find 'ismconfig' CLI:


3) If no progress, review this :

when you deploy profile(s) to a ISM agent using the TEP ISM configuration GUI, the profile(s) content deployed should be matching what is found on the  ISM agent system, under 

Example :
if using TEP ISM configuration GUI, you have deployed 2 profiles against a ISM agent with :
- profile A with http and icmp monitors, with 1 server polled in each monitor
- profile B with ldap monitor with 1 server polled
then on ISM agent side, under  should find 3 files :
- http.xml
- icmp.xml
- ldap.xml
1 per type of monitor deployed on this ISM agent, and each xml file should contain the targeted server(s) polled by each monitor

So based on the above, verify if you are seeing difference between what you see in TEP ISM configuration GUI  under Profiles -> Systems -> and select the ISM agent;  and then compare with 

4) You can try and undeploy all your profile(s) using TEP ISM configuration GUI + Apply + OK,  then stop the ISM agent, then delete any .xml file that may remain from 
directory, then restart the ISM agent, then deploy the profile(s) again using TEP ISM configuration GUI, and then check if agent status is still 'out of sync' in TEP ISM configuration GUI.  


5) You can also try this sequence of steps :

1. unconfig profiles (move profile to right side in ISM Configuration GUI, when an ISM agent is selected from the "Distribution" tab view)
2. click "Resync agent" button
3. restart ism agent
4. add profile one by one and sync them one by one using the "Resync agent" button