Why DOES UK’19 was different than other events?

By Sheena Chaudhary posted Wed July 31, 2019 10:18 AM


We all love events and the best part about is PEOPLE, we listen to amazing speakers, technical artists, organizations. So everyone is there – a techie, an architect, a marketer (that’s me), a subject matter expert and the most important your tech consumer.


DOES London also had a great number of tech enthusiasts. What I have witnessed is a recurring theme of everything as everything: everything as-code, continuous everything; it shows the technical readiness of almost everyone, but blindness about bringing the LOB, executive component into the equation. Perhaps calling out that we (IBM team) were standing room only for a demo of UrbanCode Velocity that focus on value stream management for optimizing the end to end and hence tied up perfectly with the theme of everything as everything.


 A great discussion was on DevOps culture and how it plays an important role to bring everyone together. This was captured by Holly’s session in which she talked about the learnings from working with the Garage team, seeing clients fail and succeed. Companies that fail are those that usually have DevOps as a job description rather than as a culture, and that just moving to containers will fix all their DevOps problems.


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The next great session was by our experienced and distinguished engineer Rosalind. She talked about Infrastructure as-code and how it helps to avoid configuration drift, z/OS compatibility with existing pipelines build with open source tools (GitHub, Gitlab, Jenkins), MS Azure, RedHat and RunDeck, and IBM strong commitment to Zowe (open mainframe project) She asked the audience to connect with her and let her know about what open source tools do you want to work with Z/OS and what can she do to help clients modernize their z/OS environments.


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Another great session that made to this list was by Ross Clanton on real-world examples of the challenges impacting large-scale DevOps transformations and advised on how to overcome these challenges. This session has interesting trends was a deeper look at DevOps failure patterns.

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I also saw a strong human factor in most presentations; the impact of automation, optimization, transparency, real-time everything, in professional fulfillment, job satisfaction.

This made DOES UK a very different and unique event that was not just on success stories but touched on failures and what we can learn from them.