Event Reduction Dashboard

By Sebastian Wegmann posted Tue June 30, 2020 10:22 AM

With the new NOI 1.6.1 release in June 2020 quite a lot of things changed. In this blog entry, we'll take a short look and introduction to the newly available "Event Reduction Dashboard"

NOI Dashboards

The new dashboards will be implemented with the help of the Grafana Dashboarding technology. Grafana allows us to quickly developer, deliver, and change new dashboards in future releases and provides a large set of tools, visualisations, and customizability to keep up with new development and requirements from our clients. Expect to see more and more dashboards in the future, while we extend our capabilities and get more feedback on valuable metrics.

The Event Reduction Dashboard

For NOI 1.6.1 we re-thought the whole idea of dashboarding and had to build a lot of infrastructure first. So, for now, the Event Reduction Dashboard is the only one we are shipping. It is aimed at providing a quick glance and an easy overview of your incoming events and by how much the events are reduced by NOI technology. You can see the overall reduction (45% in our example here), but also the peak reduction at critical interval times (83% in our sample).

If you are already familiar with Grafana you already know: You can quickly select times by clicking and dragging a time interval across the canvas. As well as defining a time on the upper right hand corner, where a menu exists to select the time you are interested in.

The Road Ahead

As said before, we won't stop here. There are many more dashboards to be done and many more metrics and statistics to be developed. Stay tuned for our upcoming releases!