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API Connect and DataPower v10.0.0 are Generally Available

By ROB THELEN posted Tue June 16, 2020 02:07 PM

API Connect and DataPower v10.0.0 both pack a bunch of new features and capabilities.   

Other than improvements in performance and reliability, the biggest new features can be rounded  up into four categories:

1. GraphQL Support
2. A comprehensive Test and Debug suite
3. Event Driven Architecture in DataPower (AMQP and Kafka)
4. Native Operator Support

Adding GraphQL to your API Strategy is easier (and safer) than ever:

Create GraphQL APIsIBM API Connect now enables you to create a GraphQL API definition that proxies a backend GraphQL server, and to define rate limiting controls that reflect the amount of data that is returned from the server by a request to the GraphQL API. For more information, see Creating a GraphQL APISupport added to the Developer Portal 

for testing GraphQL APIs. For more information, see Testing an API.

Want to go deeper?  Check out our "How to Make GraphQL Enterprise ready" post here . 

Comprehensive Test and Debug:

API Designer now supports API activation on creationYou can now activate an API, as part of the creation steps, in the API Designer user interface, making the API immediately available for testing. Previously, this option was available only in the API Manager user interface. For more information on API creation, see Creating an API definition.

New "Endpoints" tab in the API Assemble view in API Manager and API DesignerThe Endpoints tab opens a page that displays information for use when you call APIs externally. This tab displays only when an API's status is "Online" (the API was activated). For more information, see Locating API information on the Endpoints tab.

New "Test" tab in the API Assemble view in API Manager and API DesignerThe Test tab opens a page where you can configure and send API requests, view the response, and trace the execution of each transaction. For more information, see Using the Test tab to debug your API.

The Automated API behavior testing application provides a simple set of fields where you can quickly invoke your API. You can automate tests and define schedules for running them. For more information on using the application, see Testing an API with Automated API behavior testing.

Operator based install (for K8s) and new deployment options  

What's new for Version 10 installation on VMwareFor API Connect v10 distributions for VMware, the apicup utility is used for installation. Some of the apicup parameters have been modified, and some new ones added. Also, minimum size has changed for the data disk for the Management subsystem. See What's New for v10 installation.

Two data center high availability deployment option now available as a technical preview

The concepts, installation techniques, and maintenance operations of configuring IBM API Connect in a two data center high availability deployment, are now available as a Technical Preview on both Kubernetes and VMware. For more information, see the following topics:

Support for dynamic API actions when creating user-defined policiesUser-defined policies can contain an API rule that uses the new dynamic actions feature; such actions can take their configuration values at run time. This powerful feature enables you to create dynamic user-defined-policies on DataPower that are advertised to API Manager.

Try it yourself:  Download and try API Connect v10 now: