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ITCAM for Transactions - License for Rational Functional Tester

By Kevin Baldwin posted Wed October 24, 2018 01:50 PM


How to.....
License RFT for use in an ITCAMfT environment

As an ITCAMfT Robotic Response Time (RRT/T6) user you can download and install Rational Functional Tester to record and playback RFT scripts for the purpose of availability and performance monitoring.

You do not need to purchase and activate RFT licenses using the Installation Manager "Manage Licenses" option as a license is automatically installed when Rational Integration Support (RIS) is installed

In your ITCAMfT environment you need to install RIS on:

  • RFT installations that are used to record and export scripts to ITCAMfT.
    This is needed to provide the export to ITCAMfT option and the RFT license. 
  • RFT installations used to playback scripts on ITCAMfT T6 agent machines even if the export to ITCAMfT option isn't needed.
    This will ensure you are using a licensed copy of RFT.

You must not install RIS on RFT installations unless they are part of the ITCAMfT environment.