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Would you like to influence the future of Netcool

By Keith Posner posted Thu February 07, 2019 01:30 PM


We are in the middle of designing new Netcool capabilities and are looking for users who are interested in influencing the future of Netcool.


We are currently looking to expand our Netcool Sponsor User program to clients who a) have not yet upgraded to Netcool Operations Insight, or b) have limited or no experience of working with machine learning and analytics functions. For the past few months we have worked closely with many of our clients who have adopted machine learning and analytics; if you have not yet joined the program, you too are welcome to participate.


The Netcool Sponsor User Program works like this: every two weeks representatives from Netcool Operations Insight's development, User Design, Architecture, and Offering Management teams, run a 60-minute 1x1 playback with you, the client, where we walk you through our upcoming plans for Netcool Operations Insight, starting at the requirements phase, from prototypes/design mockups, to early coding/implementation. During each session we review updates made based on previous feedback from you, and we also take input from you in relation to your key requirements, as well as sharing our future roadmaps with you.

The importance of your feedback cannot be underestimated;  as the future consumer of this evolved offering we need to understand as early as possible whether our design make sense to you, does it flow properly, would you use it?  You would see this future facing code long before it's accessible to any other user, and you would be a key influencer on its design. 

If you are interested in participating, please reach out to Keith Posner, at posnerke@uk.ibm.com.