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2019 Year in Review: User Groups

By Kaila Timmons posted Thu January 09, 2020 03:12 PM


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As 2020 is off to a fantastic start, but we wanted to spend a little time reminiscing over what a fantastic year 2019 was for our user groups. We are especially grateful for our local user groups (and their fearless leaders!) that help make this community such a vibrant, thriving place for all members.

Check out some of the cool highlights from just a few of our groups:

Japan IBM Middleware User Community (JIMUC)


New Year Open Seminar (1/25): The agenda was well balanced with IBM's update, member companies' Watson solutions, and new year joyful networking party .



Think 2019 study tour (2/11-15): 18 JIMUC members joined Think 2019 and presented JIMUC activities at Think community lounge on 2/13 .



General Meeting & Open Seminar (7/24): We had 68 participants and 8 members were recognized JIMUC contribution award.


The special session of CEO panel discussion was highly accepted.



Board member meeting: We had 15 board member meetings in 2019. The last one on 12/18 was followed with wonderful lunch. 


Maximo UK and Ireland User Group

MUG and networking session in London November 2019

Networking 2


Dublin 2019 Meeting

"...With record numbers of attendees for the brand new networking session and the meeting the day after, it's been said that 
'it was the best so far'.... A huge thank you to the sponsors, Deloitte, Interloc Solutions, SRO Solutions and last but not least IBM, without sponsorship support these events can't happen!" - Richard Barber - IBM Maximo User Group - UK & Ireland Leader

Networking 1

Thank you to our sponsors

UK & Ireland MUG Full House

UK & Ireland MUG Table Topics

UK & Ireland MUG Committee