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Meet this months Community GEM Harald Biedermann

By Kaila Timmons posted Thu September 05, 2019 11:11 AM

Meet this months Community GEM! 

Harald Biedermann
OEBB-BCC Gmbh, Teamleader Monitoring & Event Management

What IBM products do you most frequently work with?

IBM Monitoring, Netcool Omnibus, JazzSM/Dash

Why is the IBM Community important to you?

Within the IBM Community you can find other customers to talk about problems and solutions in your IT-business. I have got so many contacts to IBMers (and also IBM customers) which lasts for more than 20 years. I am always happy to meet them and discuss new ideas and projects.

This is the link to the homepage of the Austrian GSE Tivoli User group. Here you can find photos, discussions, presentations – and all of the staff which have made our User group “premier” since 2007.

What was your greatest career accomplishment?

I got the PLATINUM AWARD for the best user group meeting 2014 and the award for “User group leader of the Year 2015” in Las Vegas. This meeting from the Austrian GSE Tivoli User group was in Vienna. I am leading this group since 2006 and we are premier user group since 2007. Since 2019 I am Lifetime Champion!