Community Shout-Outs

What does community mean to you?

By Kaila Timmons posted Fri August 23, 2019 12:05 PM


Happy summer time everyone!  

We want to know, what does community mean to you? We recently asked this question to our Community Team and thought it would be fun to share everyone’s responses, so grab your favorite summer time drink and read along! Feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject below in the comments section.   

Community means to us.... 

  1. Being able to interact with others who share similar interests, even if they live across the country 
  1. Embracing diversity of thought 
  1. Sense of belonging and support 

Community is about embracing what makes everyone unique. Online communities are a place where people from all ages and walks and life can share, connect and inspire ideas. No matter the size, communities can allow people to build relationships with people outside of their comfort zone, even though they can only be connected simply by one common thread.  

The IBM community not only gives users a chance to share their knowledge with other like-minded individuals, but also, foster a relationship outside of the platform. Fostering healthy and long-lasting relationships allows everyone to feel comfortable enough sharing beliefs, strategies, practices and so much more. 

Connections can be made whether it be via forums, blogs or face-to-face networking events. Being able to quickly access the knowledge from thousands of your peers is tremendously helpful when it comes to learning new products, features, version updates, etc. Empowering one another to work smarter not harder! 

Community is as strong as its users and we have some very strong users sharing their support in all areas. Our fearless User Group Leaders volunteer their time to bring the community together through events and our subject matter experts are always quick to jump in to provide expertise. We are so grateful for our community members! 

-Sarah, Kelsy & Kaila
Your IBM Middleware Community Managers