IBM Z DevOps Village

Ten Things We Bet You Didn't Know IDz Could Do - Productivity Tools & Techniques 

Tue June 29, 2021 11:15 AM

Those of us who've been through IBM IDz Entry-Level and experienced training may wonder why it is that, nearly every time you open IDz to do something you find something new in the product - something you didn't know about. Some menu option/action - Preference - Widget - "whatHaveYou".

It's not you - it's IDz. The product's been on the market for almost 20 years. It's used by upwards of 1,000 different companies world-wide.

In that time our dev-team has received hundreds of requests for new functionality - and do their best to implement as many as possible. In this session you'll see things that (we believe) you were not aware of - that will make your tasks & projects easier.

In this session you'll see the following topics/techniques & tools:

  • Search for Topics in the DevOps Village repo
  • Search and compare between LPARs:
    1. IDz Server/Listener must be installed on each system
  1. Hyper-link click nav:
    1. Variable
    2. Paragraph
  2. Menu Manager
  • Help system
  • SDSF tools
  • Lib Compare
  • Conversational CLIST/REXX
  • Edit Macro
  • Change Fonts/Colors
  1. Debug
    1. Assembler
    2. DB2 Table changes
    3. SET INTERCEPT ON - View COBOL DISPLAY statement output
  2. Code Coverage
  3. Code Review - Library
  4. SQL Stuff:
    1. Embedded SQL Syntax
    2. With different Schemas – Run with Data Studio/Change
    3. Using different DB2 sub-systems – Different defined connections
  5. IMS Stuff:
    1. Select Tables – Overview Diagram
    2. Edit Tables
    3. Sample Contents of column
  1. Debug: Show DISPLAY statements:
  2. MFS/BMS Editors
  3. Not open Copybooks with double-click
  4. Four best organizers:
    1. File – Last 15 data set accesses
    2. Retrieve Data Sets:
      1. Common Libraries
      2. One-off Data Set access
    3. MVS Subprojects:
      1. Repeating projects/tasks
      2. Persistent access of source file
    4. Saved Search Queries
  5. Sort on Last Modified
  6. File Manager:
    1. DB2 Commands
    2. Export to spreadsheet