M.U.S.E. CUES Online Game Instructions

M.U.S.E. CUES Online Game Instructions 

Tue March 30, 2021 10:44 AM

M.U.S.E. CUES is an online card game designed to advocate a stronger cyber security and resiliency posture on IBM Z through informed risk mitigation decision making. The goal of the game is to mitigate risks and maximize your score in a set number of turns.

There are 4 main suits of cards:

  • Guidance: used to help identify risk,
  • Momentum: used to help implement projects,
  • Risk: platform-independent in nature,
  • Project: IBM Z specific solution for implementation.

Project cards can be played from the Hand to the Status bar if there are sufficient Momentum and/or Focus points. Risk cards can be played from the Hand to the Status bar if there are sufficient Guidance and/or Focus points. Risk cards have a negative effect on the score when in the Hand, but no longer have a negative effect when in the Status bar as it’s considered an identified Risk. Project cards increase the score when moved from the Hand into the Status bar.

Each turn consists of a Discover, Plan, Execute, and Reflect phase.
  • In the Discover phase, the player discovers new cards.
  • In the Plan phase, the player can play one Guidance or Momentum card.
  • In the Execute phase, the player can play as many Project and Risk cards they have points for.
  • In the Reflect phase, at least one card must be discarded.

The goal is to identify and execute the matching Risk and Project cards in order to form a Mitigation!

If the player gets a mitigation in each category of M.U.S.E. they gain a score modifier. Every time the player spells M.U.S.E. by getting a mitigation in each category, the score multiplier increases (x2, x4, x8, x16). Earn score modifiers early on to maximize the score. Good luck and happy mitigating!

Click on the M, U, S, or E logo cards to display the collection of platform-independent Risk and Project cards for that category. Click on the SME avatar card in each turn to read their biography. Enjoy the game!

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