IBM Z DevOps Village

Module 7 - Remote Systems - Organize PDS Members and SCM Checkout 

Mon November 16, 2020 10:26 AM

z/OS Projects and MVS Subprojects are used to simplify Remote Systems navigation and provide "single-click" access to your files:

The steps include:

1. Connect to your z/OS LPAR

2. From z/OS Projects, create a new project of type z/OS, and   of sub-type: MVS Subproject

3. From Remote Systems Explorer (RSE):

4. From My Datasets or any MVS File Filter, Drag & Drop – or select copy & paste all of the host resources (file names) you would like to make part of your MVS Subproject - including:
    • Programs, Copybooks, Other files: Load libraries, JCL, etc.
    • Any file types except for: VSAM and GDGs

Access files from your MVS Subproject: