IBM z/OS SMC Applicability Tool

IBM z/OS SMC Applicability Tool 

Tue March 15, 2022 10:29 PM

This presentation provides an overview of the SMC Applicability Tool (SMC-AT).

SMC-AT was created to help you evaluate the applicability and value of SMC-R and SMC-D in your environment with minimal effort and minimal impact. SMC-AT is integrated within the TCP/IP stack (via PTF) and will gather new statistics that are used to project SMC applicability and benefits for the current system. SMC-AT does not require any special hardware.


  • Problem
    How to evaluate the applicability and the potential benefits of SMC-R with 10 Gbe RoCE Express in your (IBM Z customer’s) environment
  • SMC Applicability Tool (SMC-AT) Introduction
  • SMC-AT Overview
  • SMC-AT Usage and Reporting Overview

Backup slides
  • SMC-AT Configuration and Usage (starting / stopping) Details 
  • SMC-R and SMC-AT Evaluation Considerations / References
  • SMC-R Background

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