IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go overview video

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go overview video 

Tue March 16, 2021 03:01 PM

Modernization is about delivering the best value to your customers, more quickly. This includes reducing the cost of maintaining your existing applications by updating or extending them. With Open Enterprise SDK for Go, IBM brings the benefits of the popular Go language to accelerate digital transformation on z/OS. Go's lightweight characteristics enable application modernization and development of cloud native applications in addition to optimizing performance.

Go is a general-purpose programming language for building large-scale software, and is the language of cloud infrastructure. It can enable new cloud workloads to facilitate your journey to hybrid cloud.

Combining the performance and agility of Go with the security of IBM Z, Open Enterprise SDK for Go allows you to:
  • Co-locate Go applications with critical assets on z/OS, for reduced response times and increased throughput.
  • Run popular Go applications on IBM Z hardware, for greater reliability and resiliency.
  • Take advantage of great features supported by a large open source community, for greater agility.
  • Leverage Go's powerful standard library of packages and built-in functions, for rapid development.
And with Go's easy to learn syntax, IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go provides you with access to a wide variety of new talent for application development and modernization.

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go is a zero license charge product with optional subscription and support.  It is available in SMP/E format from Shopz and in PAX format. More information can be found on the IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go product page.

Download Go today and take advantage of this enormously popular and growing technology on IBM Z to power your organization's digital transformation!