IBM Z DevOps Village

Code/Test/Run Embedded SQL 

Mon June 21, 2021 10:29 AM

Assuming you are using IDz v14 or earlier - with IBM Data Studio installed and "shell-sharing" with IDz:

1. Connect to your mainframe/LPAR - and create a connection to DB2

2. Create an MVS Subproject and populate the subproject with DB2/Embedded SQL programs

3. Right click on the Subproject and select: Add Data Access Development Support

4. Specify the default SCHEMA

5. Open a DB2 program, and find an embedded SQL statement inside your source

6. Use your mouse to select the EXEC SQL statement text:  You only need to select a few lines, starting from EXEC SQL...

7. Right-click and Run SQL. Check out your results


  • If your statement contains "host variables" you'll be prompted for literal values when you Run the SQL
  • If you do not see RUN SQL or Add Data Access Development Support - you will need to figure out what kind of configuration - or version problem exists in your IDz client software - typically you contact your company's admin/help support