Accelerator - Dependency Based Build (DBB)

Accelerator - Dependency Based Build (DBB) 

Wed November 03, 2021 09:26 AM

These materials and resources are designed to help customers accelerate their adoption of Dependency Based Build (DBB) and enable their organizations to implement an automated CI/CD pipeline, as part of their Mainframe DevOps transformation journey.

DBB Administrators, DBB end users

IBM Resources/Links

Official IBM Docs page - DBB documentation

DBB Fundamentals - Self Paced Course

Leverage DBB Samples

DBB zAppBuild Introduction and Custom Version Maintenance Strategy - Tech Doc

zAppBuild build framework home page on Github
  • For the latest version, download and use the "development" branch

DBB Community repository on GitHub
  • Containing additional samples to extend the pipeline including house-keeping scripts

DBB in a Pipeline - Getting Started / Publications / Tutorials

Cookbook - Building your first modern build pipeline on Mainframe (including Jenkins and DBB) -

Build an advanced pipeline with GitLab CI, IBM Dependency Based Build, and IBM UrbanCode Deploy -

Build an advanced pipeline with Jenkins, Dependency Based Build, and UrbanCode Deploy -

Azure DevOps and IBM Dependency Based Build Integration

Learning Groovy

Further publications  and readings (tech docs, whitepapers, demo videos and webinars) can be found at