Accelerator - Application Discovery & Delivery Intelligence (ADDI)

Accelerator - Application Discovery & Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) 

Tue December 21, 2021 04:08 PM

These materials and resources are designed to help customers accelerate their adoption of Application Discovery & Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) and enable their organizations to successfully deploy the product, as a first step towards their Mainframe DevOps transformation journey.

We also share useful resources associated with the Wazi Analyze (WA) component of ADDI, available in v6 of the product.

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Introductory Materials:




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How-To Videos:



How-To Documents:

Getting started (IBM AD, IBM ADDI Extentions, IBM Wazi Analyze):

Configure IBM AD:

Install IBM AD and IBM ADDI Extensions with the ADDI installer:

IBM Wazi Analyze. Checklist for getting started:

Resources and Administration Guides:

ADDI v6.0.1 Administration Guide

Official Product Documentation
ADDI Product Page -


ADDI configuration instructions -


Official ADDI documentation User Guides -


Official ADDI documentation (Main Page) -

Official Wazi Analyze (via Wazi Developer) Documentation -


Wazi Analyze Code Patterns- Tutorial - Performing impact analysis on a sample application -