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  • Webinar: Modernize business-critical applications with compilers and programming languages

    The latest compiler and language portfolio on IBM zSystems’ provide significant benefits for organizations looking to modernize business critical applications for the hybrid cloud. This session covers latest enhancements to COBOL, ABO, PL/I, C/C++ and Java, and how they can help accelerate digital transformation and reduce CPU usage on IBM z16.

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  • Listen to the latest podcasts around compilers and open source languages

    Roland Koo talks compilers and languages for modernization

    Welcome to our new Compilers series, a new short-run of episodes dedicated to how compilers fit in the DevOps space. Kicking off the series is Roland Koo, an authority on compilers within IBM.

    Joe Bostian and Chad McIntyre - Python and Open Source Update

    Listen to the latest episode of Frank's Terminal Talk: Python and Open Source Experts Joe Boston and Chad McIntyre

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