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  • Introducing z/OS V2.5

    Introducing z/OS V2.5, an easy-to-use platform designed to enable innovative development to support #hybridcloud and #AI business applications.  New z/OSMF capabilities and enhancements include
      • Software Update: The graphical user interface provides a simplified and guided process to install any SMP/E-packaged PTF, regardless of the software vendor
      • Desktop: Improvements have been made for searching, browsing, and editing files and data sets as well as managing frequently referenced files or data sets into folders. Simpler manipulation of jobs and spool files is enabled, along with the capability to control access to functions from a browser
      • Security Configuration Assistant: Extended to enable use by any third party or clients who need to provide security configuration help. This is designed to help ease the complex task of introducing new capability securely on z/OS.
      • Sysplex Management: Now supports a Coupling Facility Resource Management (CFRM) policy editor that can be viewed, updated, and activated in a graphic interface. This reduces the learning curve required and improves efficiency to edit CFRM policy definitions

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