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  • Help Fight World Hunger

    Join IBM Z to fight world hunger. Perform one act of advocacy in the Student Hub & our team will donate one meal to a child in need through World Food Programme's #ShareTheMeal.

    What's ​an act of advocacy? It's writing a blog, posting a new discussion question, or post a video link via the discussions tab in the IBM Z Global Student Hub. 

    What are some ideas for a one-page blog?
    • Tell us about YOUR journey into tech and what fires you up most about IBM Z.
    • Share how you will be engaging in the Hub this summer to further your learning journey.
    • Attend an IBM Z event and tell us about a cool IBM Z event you attended and what you learned.
    • Empower others with your knowledge of IBM Z and what you find cool about enterprise computing technology.
    • Share how you give forward in the world and showcase your passion for tech for good.
    • Check out some of the blogs and videos and share what you learned and how you plan to incorporate your newly acquired knowledge to land a cool job in tech.
    • Anything else you fancy!

    What should your video include?
    • Introduce yourself and where you are from.
    • Include the name of your school and/or school club.
    • Share why students should consider registering for the Hub. Below are some ideas:
      • Access to free, online, and self-paced learning.
      • Access to learning journeys for jobs in enterprise computing.
      • Ability to showcase your enterprise computing skills to experts and peers.
      • Network with peers and experts.
      • Win prizes.
      • Learn about the Z Ambassador program.
      • Earn badges

    Thanks for helping to make the world a better place by feeding one child for a day!

    Melissa Sassi
    Chief Penguin, IBM Z
    Student & Entrepreneur Experienace

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