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5 Best Practices to Help Kick-start Your Data Governance Program: TechD Webinar 

Thu July 02, 2020 04:51 PM

We often hear about the challenges organizations have planning, implementing, and managing successful data governance programs. Moreover, many times the fits and starts are caused by an imbalance between the people, process and technology. In addition without an equal focus on each of these areas, a data governance program is bound to fail. As a result, during this webinar, we will focus on the people and process.
Most importantly, we will share 5 best practices that will help you get data governance moving in the right direction.
Webinar Agenda:

DataOps: An introduction to a collaborative and automated approach to data governance.
Best Practices : Focus on 5 people and process elements that are key to successful data governance.
DataOpsMaturity Model: assess where your governance is today and where you would like for it to be!
Business Value: See how organizations are showing value with their data governance program.

Q&A Guest Speaker: Brian Mayer - IBM Information Governance Practitioner

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