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    Posted Tue April 12, 2022 05:09 PM

    I have been working with a french client about application groups definition, and we have been testing some start/stop at the group level.

    I though this would a good place to ask, if not, please advise where I can get some more info. Thanks in advance. 

    We have created an APG (ACTIVE) and connected to it several CICS. When we start/stop the group via INGREQ, all CICS start/stop correctly and the group become AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE. The problem is that no message indicating the APG has changed status. The client wants to capture this status change and do some stuff.

    We tested the INGREQ command with the FDBK=(MSG/userid,timeout...) but this message appears when the request is executed, not at the APG  status change. Don't remember if we tested FDBK=(WAIT,...), maybe it was the solution ?

    As this first approach doesn't gave us the needed feedback we activated AOFEXX02 exit, called every time a status change happens in SDF. So we just ask if it it our APG then ...
    At this moment we had another problem: a rexx say instruction didn't put any message in Netlog, as it would do from any rexx, don't know why ? Any thoughts ?

    We had to use PIPE with LOGTO NETLOG parameter to get it done.

    So with this PIPE in the AOFEXX02 exit, the client was able to capture APG status change (capturing this PIPE message in the message table).

    Any thoughts about this solution ? Would you implement this differently ?
    In reality they want to, from TWS job, send command to SA to start/stop group of CICS, and "wait for the completion (all APG up or down) then let rest of TWS app execute, being sure the CICS group is OK);

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    Patrick Leroy

    Patrick Georges LEROY