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EOTC 2020 - Conference Announcement – Call for Speakers

  • 1.  EOTC 2020 - Conference Announcement – Call for Speakers

    Posted Fri December 06, 2019 07:02 AM


    GSE EOTC 2020 - Conference Announcement - Call for Speakers


    Dear IBM Z Friends, 

    Today's IT is fast-paced and in constant evolution. More and more enterprises are integrating the traditional systems with new systems into the realm of Cloud. This allows to have an easy and standard way to integrate Z data and tools in Hybrid Cloud applications. Due to the growing complexity to manage such complex environments, there is a need to have a homogeneous management solution for heterogeneous environments from a single point of control. A solution providing end-to-end application availability to help clients maintain Service Level Agreements has been the first step to manage such complex environment in a world of change.


    Now it's time to do the next step towards an integrated Z Service Management platform and we would like to invite you to our next GSE European Operations Technical Conference (GSE EOTC) in 2020 in the IBM Deutschland Research & Development GmbH location in Boeblingen, Germany.


    The agenda includes news and updates for Z Automation (IBM Z System Automation,  IBM Z NetView), Service Management Unite, the IBM Z Service Management Suite and Z Service Automation Suite, OMEGAMON, Workload Scheduler, and GDPS.


    We will share with you our IBM Z Service Management Strategy and showcase recent offering updates. A key part of the conference will be design discussions, sharing best practices, and the possibility to have hands-on experience with our solutions.


    GSE EOTC 2020 conference dates: Monday, May 11th, 1pm CET to Thursday, May 14th, 2020, Noon

    Conference language will be English


    Call for Speakers: We encourage clients to submit user experience sessions since these are key to the success of this conference. Your contribution is highly appreciated! In exchange for a client presenting a breakout session, your registration fee will be waived.


    Let us know if you have any questions or wish to discuss your session ideas.


    At the moment we plan to have a conference fee €380,00 for the entire conference. The fee will be charged to all attendees (except speakers!). 

    Non-GSE members have to pay an additional €100,00 but if they decide to become a member in 2020 then this amount will be credited.

    Prices are not yet completely fixed and may vary slightly in the future.

    Travel, lodging and other expenses must be covered by the attendees (including speakers).

    Please do extend this announcement to others within IBM and to customers and colleagues whom you deem appropriate.

    With the decision to make this early announcement I want to give you the chance to ask early for your travel approvals. Additionally, for speakers I want to make sure that you have plenty of time to collect your interesting project work into a presentation for the EOTC 2020.  

    If you plan to do a presentation, please send me your session titles, together with a small abstract and the planned duration as soon as possible. The agenda should be ready by end of January before the registration process will start. Keep in mind that if the agenda is filled the chance to get entrance to the conference without conference fee is gone! 

    Please send the internet mailing address and the company name of anyone who is interested and has not received this announcement to ulri ch_h ild@ de.i bm.c o m

    We will use this information to send the official invitations and registration information.  Registrations for "unknown" customers will be rejected.


    For more information contact 

    Ulrich Hild 

    IBM Deutschland Research & Development GmbH, Germany. 

    System Automation for z/OS Development 

    e-mail:   ulrich_hild@