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Problem connecting to z/OS mainframe (Russian Federation)

  • 1.  Problem connecting to z/OS mainframe (Russian Federation)

    Posted Tue January 19, 2021 09:30 AM
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    I am just registered for MtM and know that it will end soon, but i read that you still will be able to complete challenges after. 

    I have a problem with step of connecting to mainframe.
    I followed instruction VSC_1, downloaded VSC, Node.js, plugins for VSC( IBM Z Open Editor and Zowe Explorer).
    Entered credential as
    IP: (someone at Slack gave me advice to use http://, but it didn't helped me),
    Login: zXXXXX,
    Password: xxxxxxx.

    I keep receiving this "Error: Profile Name mtm2020 is inactive. Please check if your Zowe server is active or if the URL and port in your profile is correct. I can't ping host from my laptop through Windows cmd.

    I used third-party website for pinging mainframe host to confirm my problem.
    Pinging from USA, Germany and France with results "Connection refused (since site doesn't know my credentials) so i guess its okay.
    Pinging from my location (Russian Federation) resulting in "Connection timed out".

    I can provide link for pinging report if you interested since photos of pinging results that i can attach here are too small and unreadable.

    Anton Avilkin