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Accessing the mainframe issue

  • 1.  Accessing the mainframe issue

    Posted Tue January 19, 2021 09:32 AM

    Hi, I'm having this issue: when I'm connecting from Zowe to the mainframe, it seems that the Data Sets tab display information without any problem (although scarce, so I guess is not really all that has to be displayed), but when I try to replicate the steps in the USS tab it shows this error message:


    Retrieving response from uss-file-list Error: z/OSMF REST API Error:
    Rest API failure with HTTP(S) status 500
    category: 1
    rc: 4
    reason: 6
    message: Path name is not valid


    I'm using Windows 7, so the latest version of node.js I could get is 13.14.0 which has a V8 7.9 (I point this out because it can be part of the issue, I don't know)

    Then I tried different things and an error message popup telling me that my credentials are incorrect, so I may get locked out. Reset my password 2 times and I tried both of them (each in the correct moment, not at the same time xD )

    I then tried disabling my firewall

    I even did another IBMid user and the rest api error popped up, even I tried to give another name to the "mtm2020" as "mtm2020b" but this was the last try

    If is of any help, my IBMid is Z09433 and the second account is Z09450

    Thank you in advance.

    Santiago Morales