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Explanation 2.3 Secret Word

  • 1.  Explanation 2.3 Secret Word

    Posted Tue October 06, 2020 03:42 PM
    Hi all,

    if I follow the steps for 2.3, at the place I should find the secret word, there is my username. Where can I find the secret word and how does it work? Thanks for the answers.

    Christoph Egermann

  • 2.  RE: Explanation 2.3 Secret Word

    Posted Wed October 07, 2020 09:06 AM
    Hi Christoph ... feel free to post your questions to the team at ... they don't monitor this forum .. thanks!

    Matthew Cousens

  • 3.  RE: Explanation 2.3 Secret Word

    Posted Thu October 08, 2020 02:26 PM
    Most of the time the Secret word is Giraffe
    I don't for you.
    I will guide you to getting your secret word.
    Step 4 shows a screenshot of code, go to the same code on your computer.
    Copy the part after DSN=
    and Paste it where you add your filters, it should open a file after a secret word.

    Tsholofelo Mokheleli

  • 4.  RE: Explanation 2.3 Secret Word

    Posted Fri October 09, 2020 02:48 AM
    Tsholofelo Mokheleli:  Do not give away the solutions! Everyone is supposed to find that him/herself. That is the challenge.  You have to earn your ACCLAIM badges, you do not get them for free.

    Loek Sluijter