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Event - 30JAN - Get Skilled (Python)

  • 1.  Event - 30JAN - Get Skilled (Python)

    Posted Mon January 25, 2021 03:06 AM
    All good things must come to an end. On Saturday, Jan 30th, at 14:00 GMT we will host our 5th and last session of the Artificial Intelligence series. Like last week's, this flight will have a hands on skills session as well.


    In this session you will gain the basics of the programming language Python. Along with your questions, we will discuss:

    • What is Python being used for?
    • How is Python useful in the field of artificial intelligence?
    • What can be built using Python?
    • How can Python work with the IBM Z mainframe?

    Thereafter, we will guide you through some basic Python skills and invite you to try them out yourself during the session.

    Join us to learn about Python from these amazing speakers:
    Deema Alamer - AI Specialist at IBM Saudi Arabia and Co-Founder of CODE FOR GIRLS
    Hammad Yasir - Python Developer/Data Scientist
    Samar Baba - IBM Z Developer Advocate at IBM Tunis
    Jeffrey Bisti - z/OS Cloud System Architect, Cognitive AI Solutions Architect, Hybrid Cloud Solutions Architect at IBM

    Those of you who participated in Master the Mainframe know Jeff from the course "Learning COBOL Programming with VSCode". He is also the mastermind behind the Master the Mainframe challenges.

    Get your free ticket here, and share the event with your friends and fellow students:

    Get Skilled (Python)

    Sabine Diemt

  • 2.  RE: Event - 30JAN - Get Skilled (Python)

    Posted Sat January 30, 2021 09:21 PM

    Really cool webinar!

    I thought that I was a "pro guy" in python... but in this webinar I learned new things that without the fantastic explanation of speakers I would have never thought could be done with python, and most importat, after attend the webinar I finally know how to keep developing my python skills with a focus in IBM mainframes.

    I agree that all good things must come to an end, but all great things live on forever so I will be waiting for the next series!

    Juan Antonio Oriza

  • 3.  RE: Event - 30JAN - Get Skilled (Python)

    Posted Tue February 16, 2021 09:27 AM
    Thank you so much Juan Antonio! We were really lucky to get all those panelists for our last session.

    Please access the recording of the main room here (at 18:10 we went into the breakout rooms and returned at 28:45):
    Recording of AI005 - Get Skilled (Python)

    The hands-on sessions in the breakout rooms were quite different again, so make sure to watch both recordings which will be posted separately below. Due to connection issues of some panelists we only have 2 breakout rooms.

    Sabine Diemt

  • 4.  RE: Event - 30JAN - Get Skilled (Python)

    Posted Tue February 16, 2021 09:35 AM
    Attached the recording of the breakout room with Deema. She demonstrated the basics of Python with the help of a P-TECH course.

    Sabine Diemt

  • 5.  RE: Event - 30JAN - Get Skilled (Python)

    Posted Tue February 16, 2021 09:58 AM
    Attached the recording of the breakout room with Samar and Jeff. Samar showed some basics in the Windows Shell, and Jeff explained the Luhn algorithm from Master the Mainframe as well as showed what he used Python recently for.

    Sabine Diemt

  • 6.  RE: Event - 30JAN - Get Skilled (Python)

    Posted Tue February 16, 2021 10:17 AM
    Links to the IDEs and online editors the speakers mentioned:

    Python (e.g. for use with the Windows PowerShell)
    Spyder IDE
    PyCharm IDE
    Visual Studio Code / VS Code

    This is the direct link to the P-TECH course Deema used to demonstrate the basics.
    Make sure to also check out the other Python courses on P-TECH. It's for free, and you get a badge in the end to show off your skills acquired.

    Furthermore, Deema offers training through her CODE FOR GIRLS project.

    The Master the Mainframe contest mentioned is over already, but the learning system is still available. Register under the same link and learn not only Python but many other skills as well.

    Sabine Diemt