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  • 1.  1.2 USS issue

    Posted Tue January 19, 2021 09:59 AM


    So far everything is good, except VSCode fails to get a response while I try to fill the UNIX SYSTEMS SERVICES tag.

    mtm2020[Z09433] and the error reads as follows:


    Retrieving response from uss-file-list Error: z/OSMF REST API Error:
    Rest API failure with HTTP(S) status 500
    category: 1
    rc: 4
    reason: 6
    message: Path name is not valid


    I already added this topic but it seems that it didn't get to the server or something.

    Another thing I tried was to install linux in a virtual machine and download all the software and proceed but immediately received the message "access denied" . I hope I didn't break anything with that, but I guess it's logical that I didn't get access in that try.

    Thank you for your time .

    Santiago Morales