CICS Technical Exchange 28th January 2021 summary and links to recording

  • 1.  CICS Technical Exchange 28th January 2021 summary and links to recording

    Posted Thu January 28, 2021 11:14 AM
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    The inaugural CICS Technical Exchange (CTE) took place on Thursday 28th January 2021.  This 60 minute event featured talks from Nick Garrod and Russell Bonner relating the latest news and upcoming events pertinent to CICS.  This was followed by a quick tour through the CICS TS openbeta and continuous delivery drop from January 22nd by Mark Cocker, the CICS Offering Manager and finally we had a deeper dive into one of the value areas of this drop,  resource overrides, from the Development Team Lead, Prad Gohil.  Prad also featured a live demo as a proof point of the functionality.  There then followed a lively discussion from the audience posing questions to the speakers. 

    Over 150 attendees attended the live event, with questions being fielded in the 'chat area'  by members of the CICS team during the session as well as the Ask Me Anything session at the end. 

    A PDF of the material presented at the event can be found as an attachment to this piece and a link to the recording can be found here
    Please note:  the password is FuG8cPPG
    00:00:34 - 00:05:33 - Introduction and welcome Nick Garrod
    00:05:24 - 00:13:23 - CICS update Russell Bonner
    00:13:24 - 00:32:39 - CICS continuous delivery and openbeta Mark Cocker
    00:32:40 - 00:51:42 - Resource overrides Prad Gohil
    00:51:43 - 01:05:48 - Ask Me Anything

    The schedule for future CTEs is going to be quarterly to coincide with CICS continuous delivery drops,  unless demand dictates that there is value in having these events running more regularly.  We plan to feature both new technology as well as revisiting capability delivered in prior releases that may have been missed, forgotten, or just made available at a time that was inconvenient to deploy.  So please let us know any topics you would like future sessions to focus on, or any comments you have on how we could improve future  events. 

    Keep a look out for the next event in April.​

    Nick Garrod


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