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  • 1.  How to add a text in an existed Widget.

    Posted Wed December 16, 2020 05:18 PM

    Dear Experts,

    I have post some questions in this forum, and got help. Thanks again for your help.

    I have widgets  of type HotSpotView which was created by a third party. they response click action. But they are  blank on UI page, no title or text displayed. I need a text or title for each of them, just like buttons which has text such as Save, Exit, Refresh, etc.

    The parents in the hierarchy :  (lowest)  HotSpotView <-- PrimitiveView  <-- BasicView <-- Widget  (highest lever, it is prob

    ably from IBM ). The  following is the definition of them. 

    SPOTL2 HotSpotView {
      position = "absolute",
      backgroundColor = "grey80",// "#EDB041",
      layoutData = new AttachmentLayoutData{
      attachmentTypeTop = CommonLibrary.ViewLib.TYPE_PARENT, offsetTop = 141,
      attachmentTypeLeft = CommonLibrary.ViewLib.TYPE_PARENT, offsetLeft = 260,
      attachmentTypeRight = CommonLibrary.ViewLib.TYPE_OPPOSITE, offsetRight = 100,
      attachmentTypeBottom = CommonLibrary.ViewLib.TYPE_OPPOSITE, offsetBottom = 18
    //,background= "url(images/YTDUB/YTDUBL2.png) no-repeat"

    package com.sync.gt2.egl.rui.vast.widgets;
    ExternalType HotSpotView Extends PrimitiveView type JavaScriptObject{
      relativePath = "com/sync/gt2/egl/rui/vast/widgets",
      javaScriptName = "HotSpotView",
      category = "VAST Widgets",
      template = "${typeName}{}",
      displayName = "HotSpotView"
      beepDuration int{@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
      beepFrequency int{@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
      beepOnClick Boolean { @JavaScriptProperty {}, @VEProperty };

    package com.sync.gt2.egl.rui.vast.widgets;
    ExternalType PrimitiveView Extends BasicView type JavaScriptObject{
      relativePath = "com/sync/gt2/egl/rui/vast/widgets",
      javaScriptName = "PrimitiveView"


    package com.sync.gt2.egl.rui.vast.widgets;
        ExternalType BasicView extends Widget type JavaScriptObject {
        relativePath = "com/sync/gt2/egl/rui/vast/widgets",
        javaScriptName = "BasicView",
        includeFile = "includeDojo.html"
      borderWidth int{@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
      enabled boolean {@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
      foregroundColor  string{@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
      helpTopicId  string{@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
      helpTitle  string{@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
      helpFile  string{@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
     helpKeysId  string { @JavaScriptProperty {}, @VEProperty };
      tabGroup  boolean{@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
      traversalOn  boolean{@JavaScriptProperty, @VEProperty};
      dragDropSpec  any { @JavaScriptProperty {} };
      mappedWhenManaged boolean {@JavaScriptProperty{}, @VEProperty};

      function setFocus();
      function vaShow();
      function hide();
      function destroyPart();
      function executeCloseWidgetCommand();
      function isMapped() returns(boolean);
      function closeWidget();

    Please teach me how to add text to be displayed on UI page. Please help. Thank you,


    Eric Zuo

  • 2.  RE: How to add a text in an existed Widget.

    Posted Thu December 17, 2020 02:12 AM

    Hello Eric,
    When you're not using the IBM components it isn't easy to tell how to add text to an existing widget. 

    For example: if you're using a Rich UI Div or a Rich UI Box then it's easy to say div1.addChild. 
    But when you're using a Rich UI Grid Layout as parent you have to add the textfield as child but you also have to tell
    on which row and column you want to do that, using the GridLayoutData.

    Your HotSpotView has also some attributes like AttachmentLayoutData so maybe it is based on the GridLayout.

    Best thing is to check the documentation from the third party. 

    Greetings, Jeroen

    Jeroen Dielemans

  • 3.  RE: How to add a text in an existed Widget.

    Posted Thu December 17, 2020 03:27 AM

    Hi Eric,


    The widget HotSpotView is an externalType which means there is a corresponding javascript file served as the implementation. The file is specified in


      relativePath = "com/sync/gt2/egl/rui/vast/widgets",
      javaScriptName = "HotSpotView",


    Check the javascript file HotSpotView.js, you would have some ideas.



    JiYong Huang

    Senior Technical Specialist

    RBD, HCL Software, HCL Technologies Ltd.

    Cell: +86-13426427893

    EGL Development User Group



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  • 4.  RE: How to add a text in an existed Widget.

    Posted Wed December 23, 2020 12:08 PM

    Hi Jeroen,  JiYong,

    I find it is hard to add the text, particularly the jsp from the third party is very complicate.  I have to find a workaround, and I did it.

    Thank for your instruction. It saved my time.



    Eric Zuo