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  • 1.  programming manuals

    Posted Tue June 30, 2020 10:01 AM
    im not a huge fan of the "help" button in the IDE. Where are the "programming" and such manuals located?

    nick jones
    englewood cliffs NJ

  • 2.  RE: programming manuals

    Posted Wed July 01, 2020 12:28 PM

    Hello Nick,

    some redbooks are available about EGL but they are old.

    Via this location you can find all about RBD 9.6 and EGL and switch to other RBD versions.


    Jeroen Dielemans


    Jeroen Dielemans

  • 3.  RE: programming manuals

    Posted Thu July 02, 2020 10:08 AM
    Jones, I'm going to make the materials I have available in the cloud. OK? So you can see if they can help you. Send your email to, so I can access the link in the dropbox.
    Awaiting return

    Osvaldo J O Menezes
    +55 11 96565-6368  

  • 4.  RE: programming manuals

    Posted Tue August 02, 2022 03:12 AM
    I have some PPT or PDF materials, downloaded from IBM websites.
    Those who are interested, send email to, or reply with your email here that I share in the dropbox.

    Osvaldo Jose de Oliveira Menezes
    Sao Caetano do Sul
    55 16 38264054