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Mission Possible: Harness Technology for Social Good

  • 1.  Mission Possible: Harness Technology for Social Good

    Posted Mon October 18, 2021 11:48 AM
    SDG 3, 4, and 8 are impacting my daily life due to my professional work. On SDG 3, our company does not take any action on mental health nor COVID-19 precautions such as closing for certain hours for safety of the employees and making sure that the employees are safe at night. For SDG 4, quality education is affected me due to lack of advancement opportunities provided to my company such as graduate school opportunities and provide tuition reimbursement in order to grow my professional development. SDG 8 is also impact my life due to changing dynamics of our economy and the pandemic shifted the global workforce into the remote work but I do not have an opportunity to get a remote work due to various reasons. 

    In order for these SDGs to achieve in a sustainable in the long-term, change is needed at the top of the leadership. Bottom up leadership approach is a common sense approach instead of waiting through long days of approval to see changes. Our voices are heard and employee surveys are meant to be hear the employee voices but unfortunately, company are not taking any actions. I am in the position in job search into remote work positions where I can provide my own empowerment and make my own decision in my home office without losing my productivity. More remote work is needed in order to provide increase productivity and well being. There is need for structural changes within institutions and changes in public policy in all levels of government and private companies. That is the reason why I am powerless of not being able to lead the change but employee survey and discussion in meetings have helped to hear these concerns. However, company is not taking action, even though, record profits have been made during the pandemic and those profits have not been invested to the employees. It is important for top leadership to quickly make decision before it is too late to solve the issue.

    James Paek