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Weekly t-shirt Challenge: Connecting in the Virtual World

  • 1.  Weekly t-shirt Challenge: Connecting in the Virtual World

    Posted Thu March 05, 2020 11:44 AM
    Connecting in the Virtual World

    Thank you so much to all of the great career questions and advice!  The winners this week are @Fábio Emilio Costa for his great question about learning mainframe specific skills versus open skills.  And also to @Chris Hoina for having the most popular response!

    Inspired by the number of live in-person events switching to an online-only or an online-live hybrid format, I was wondering if you had advice for me on how to create a community in the virtual world.  I believe very strongly in the value of meeting someone face to face to help you form a relationship.  How can we help you make personal connections with us and each other in this community and during live, online events?

    The rules:
    1.  Every Thursday, I'll start a new discussion thread titled Weekly Challenge.

    2.  This week, reply to the thread with your ideas for Connecting in the Virtual World.  

    3.  Vote for your favorite entries by clicking the "Recommend" button next to your favorites.

    4.  The following Thursday, I'll announce the winner and start the next week's thread.

    5.  The person submitting the item with the most votes will receive one of these Legends of Z t-shirts (or equivalent)!

    Misty Decker

  • 2.  RE: Weekly t-shirt Challenge: Connecting in the Virtual World

    Posted Fri March 06, 2020 07:57 AM
    I believe the main problem is to emulate the same ambient we have on a IRL conference on virtual ambient. But, considering almost any modern laptop computer has decent webcams and microphones, and you can buy good quality stuff even when on a budget, a good way would be if the ambients could allow ways to participants to join the debates and talks aside a chatroom. I think this creates a very non-personal, cold,  environment. A place were you could use the multimedia systems to replicate a little more an IRL environment would make it more personal and interesting.

    Fábio Emilio Costa
    Performance Analyst
    Sao Paulo

  • 3.  RE: Weekly t-shirt Challenge: Connecting in the Virtual World

    Posted Fri March 06, 2020 08:17 AM
    I recently attended a virtual event which leveraged ON24. It used a recorded presentation / demo, however the Q&A at the end converted to a Live Event with the presenters online to answer questions.

    Mark Martin

  • 4.  RE: Weekly t-shirt Challenge: Connecting in the Virtual World

    Posted Thu March 12, 2020 07:35 AM
    I think NUI (Natural User Interface) based service  can connect it .
    Why This?
    Answer :A 'NUI' is a user interface technology that controls digital devices using modalities that interact with computers such as sensory, behavioral, and cognitive abilities. Typical NUI mainly refers gesture interfaces recognizing human actions, multi-touch interfaces recognizing various human touches, and sensory interfaces recognizing human intention, etc. As VR is more real than reality itself and its market is growing fast, NUI is becoming more and more important as an interactive element with 'VR contents' that will provide a valuable experience for users. Since an HMD (Head Mounted Display) is mainly used as a device to implement VR and AR, NUI is an interface to provide high degree of freedom and optimal usability for users.

    And also likely NUI Technology Available as a VR Controller.

    Another vision to connect it Tech giants wants to connect the brain with computer .Recently, global tech companies such as Tesla and Facebook announced their plans to develop sensory interfaces that allow people to interact with computers just by thinking. In March, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk firstly opened the door by revealing to launch Neuralink, a company to connect human brains with computers, and introduced 'neural lace' plan, which is a technology that allows computers to understand human ideas as well as upload or download them by connecting the brain with computers in an invasive form - putting a microchip in the brain.

    Md.Sadek Hossain Asif