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Weekly t-shirt Challenge: Mainframe Trivia

  • 1.  Weekly t-shirt Challenge: Mainframe Trivia

    Posted Thu May 21, 2020 11:06 PM

    Mainframe Trivia

    I knew we had some musicians in this community!  The most votes go to @Mark Martin for his impressive range of instruments, @Fernando Andres Samaca Giraldo for his wide range of musical styles and @Abdelrazek rizk for his wide ranging taste in music!  I'm impressed by you all!  I sing, so we'll have to get together someday and play a concert while wearing our Master the Mainframe t-shirts!

    Speaking of Master the Mainframe, I facilitated a completely online MTM workshop this week.  It seemed like the students' favorite part of the day was chatting with the mainframe volunteers participating.  They loved hearing all the mainframe trivia and stories.

    So for this week, let's share those less well known bits of mainframe trivia.  Educate and surprise us!

    The rules:
    1.  Every Thursday, I'll start a new discussion thread titled Weekly Challenge.

    2.  This week, reply to the thread with your musical hobby.  

    3.  Vote for your favorite entries by clicking the "Recommend" button next to your favorites.

    4.  The following Thursday, I'll announce the winner and start the next week's thread.

    5.  The person submitting the item with the most votes will receive one of these Legends of Z t-shirts (or equivalent)!


    Misty Decker

  • 2.  RE: Weekly t-shirt Challenge: Mainframe Trivia

    Posted Fri May 22, 2020 08:01 AM
    Congratulations to all of the Musical Mainframers!