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Join our community of experts to discuss and share tips about .NET on IBM Z, plus get the latest release and event announcements, tutorials, whitepapers, and more

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AI on IBM Z & LinuxONE  

Leverage AI on IBM Z & LinuxONE to enable real-time AI decisions at scale, accelerating your time-to-value, while ensuring trust and compliance

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AIOps on IBM Z  

AIOps on IBM Z is a group that brings together IT professionals to share their knowledge and expertise on leveraging AI-driven intelligence and IT Operations in order to accelerate decisions to maintain resiliency through the use of AIOps on IBM Z

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AIOps: Operations Analytics  

Members of this community will discuss problem identification, isolation and resolution on IBM Z through analysis of structured and unstructured operational data

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AIOps: Automation  

Members of this community will discuss the premier high availability and automation software solution for IBM Z systems

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AIOps: Monitoring and Observability  

Comprehensive performance monitoring and observability of your IBM Z environment. Solutions include OMEGAMON, Service Management Suite for z/OS, and IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect

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