Webinar: Industry perspectives on the value of AI Coding Assistants to accelerate mainframe app mode

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When:  Apr 24, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)


Discover the transformative business value potential of Generative AI code assistants for application modernization in a webinar co-hosted by IDC and IBM. Based on IDC's recent study authored by Dr. Michele Rosen, PhD, this session delves into the burgeoning trend of leveraging AI coding assistants to overcome modernization hurdles.

IDC will present the outcomes of their research highlighting the value of GenAI Code Assistants, setting the stage for IBM's insights tailored to mainframe application modernization. IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z offers an end-to-end solution, facilitating application discovery, analysis, automated code refactoring, and selective COBOL-to-Java transformation. 

The webinar will explore how this code assistant empowers architects and developers to accelerate the modernization journey by enhancing their productivity and reducing risk. while also covering the qualified and quantified benefits that were observed in recent modernization projects leveraging watsonx Code Assistant for Z.

Join us as we explore the convergence of generative AI and mainframe application modernization, charting a course towards enhanced efficiency and innovation.

Discover the following

  • The impact of AI on application modernization
  • The outcomes anticipated while treading AI assisted modernization
  • The tools that are out there

Key speakers

Dr. Michele Rosen, Research Manager, Low-Code, No-Code, and Intelligent Developer Technologies, IDC

Dr. Michele Rosen is Research Manager for IDC's Low Code, No Code, and Intelligent Developer Technologies practice. Dr. Rosen’s research focuses on tools for application development that enable the democratization of the development process using low-code, no-code, and intelligent developer technologies. She directs research into how these developer tools accelerate digital transformation and make it possible for professional and line-of-business developers to build apps that solve business problems and drive competitive differentiation. Dr. Rosen advises customers and vendors on the trends that are shaping the modern application development environment. Her research focuses on connecting emerging developer technologies to customer needs, including identifying growth opportunities, conducting business value and ROI studies, and providing insight on the market trends that influence strategic planning in agile organizations.

Keri Olson, Vice President: Product Management - watsonx Code Assistant, IBM

Piyush Mishra, Associate Partner, IBM



Michael Williams