OMEGAMON for CICS and CICS Performance Analyzer Update

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When:  Nov 30, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)
OMEGAMON for CICS and CICS Performance Analyzer (PA) are two tools that provide comprehensive monitoring and reporting of your CICS environments. This session will give an overview of these two products and how they complement each other. We will then look at recent enhancements that coincide with the new CICS TS 6.1, including features such as program tracking and enhanced resource limiting resolution for CPU. So whether you’re an existing CICS administrator looking for more insight into the performance of your CICS regions, or you’re an existing OMEGAMON or PA user, this session will bring you right up to speed on these two important technologies.
Ezriel Gross
Ezriel Gross
Principal Solutions Advisor
Rocket Software

Ezriel Gross is a Principal Solutions Advisor for Rocket Software specializing in IBM CICS Tools. He was formally the CEO of Circle software (acquired by Rocket Software in 2019), where he specialized in hands-on classes and consulting in CICS, DB2, and MQSeries. Ezriel was a Gold Consultant for many years and is currently an IBM Champion. His specialties include Web Services, Web Support, Performance / Tuning, Internals, CICSPlex SM, DevOps and Liberty as they relate to CICS.He recently co-architected the C\PROF product, a tool that captures CICS trace without running in a CICS region.

Louisa Seers
Louisa Seers
Product Manager, CICS Tools

Louisa Seers is a Product Manager with responsibility for looking after the CICS Tools, encompassing CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS. Alongside her role, she is studying through work to achieve the Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship with Winchester University, and was shortlisted for the National Apprenticeship Awards in 2021. During her time in IBM, she’s crossed several business functions and across the software development lifecycle, such as Consulting, Software Development and Acquisitions, specifically auditing third party as part of due-diligence activities pre-acquisition.