Securing Data Serving Workloads on Linux on Z & LinuxONE

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When:  Dec 14, 2021 from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM (CET)
Associated with  Compass L
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In this session we will walk the audience through an enterprise use-case on securing a data serving workload hosted on a Linux on Z / LinuxONE. Based on the referenced use-case, we will cover various topics on hardening the Linux environment, various crypto facilities which can be exploited by data serving workloads, key management options, and finally an overview of various cybersecurity tools recommendations available on Linux on Z to ensure the enterprise meets cybersecurity standards.


10-15 minutes: Keynote with Pradeep and Dave
45 minutes: Discussion
10 minutes: Break
30 minutes: Ask an Expert with Willy
15 minutes: Wrap-Up


  • Pradeep Parameshwaran: Architect, Security and Compliance on IBM Z & LinuxONE
  • David Rossi: Cybersecurity Architect IBM Z Systems


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Flavius Kehr