How resilient is your mainframe? Introducing IBM Z Batch Resiliency & the IBM Z Cyber Vault

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When:  Apr 8, 2021 from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM (CET)
Your existing HA/DR isn't necessarily going to protect your critical data from a cyber attack or a problem that propagates across copies, affecting all data. The IBM Z Cyber Vault provides air-gapped data corruption protection and tools to keep your data safe from cyber attacks and problems that could spread to trusted copies. The IBM Z Cyber Vault is made up of 'traditional' data centre components - hardware, storage, GDPS, security software and one new, vital component - IBM Z Batch Resiliency (IZBR). Find out how IZBR provides precision audit insights, high-value resiliency management of non-database-managed data and applications, and surgical recovery of any dataset from Safeguarded Copy in the IBM Z Cyber Vault


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Mark Aichholz