zED Talk -- Zoe Open Source Insights: What You Need to Know!

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When:  Jun 1, 2023 from 01:00 PM to 01:45 PM (CT)

Join us for our zED Talk on Zowe Open Source Insights: What You Need to Know!
June 1, 2023 | 2:00 to 2:45pm EST

zED Talks gives our audience the opportunity to hear about game changing technology in the mainframe world from talented Subject Matter Experts! Utilizing the TED Talks inspiration of “ideas worth spreading,” this webinar series gives our speakers roughly half an hour (plus some time for Q&A) to illustrate the value of a solution or concept of his or her choosing. Ever wondered how technology buzzwords like DevOps, Blockchain, or AI fit into the Z space? There’s no better place to get an initial understanding of that than right here.

Open source is pervasive in enterprises today but, how it is developed, tested, supported, and distributed is a mystery to many consumers of the technology. Join us to learn key insights into Zowe as the project turns five years old this year. What makes it unique? How does it adhere to the open and vendor neutral principles? What has the community learned – both the positives and the challenges – since Zowe’s inception? What are the macro trends in open source? What should an enterprise consider as they adopt open source? In TED-talk style, we will cover insights that you need to know about Zowe. Check out https://www.zowe.org/ for what Zowe is. Come learn the bigger considerations on how to maximum your use of the technology!

Bruce Armstrong is an IBM Z Principal Product Manager and has been assigned to the Zowe project since its beginning. He has been involved in establishing the project, organizing the teams, recruiting, and worked on vendor product adopt of Zowe technology. He has 38 years with IBM in a variety of roles ranging from Services, Technical Sales, Development and Product Management. He is a frequent speaker at customer and industry events. 
Zowe is a trademark of the Linux Foundation  

To present this month’s topic, we have Bruce Armstrong


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