IBM Webinar: Is bug free code possible? Maybe with Debug and Code Coverage

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When:  Nov 3, 2021 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (PT)
Associated with  IBM Z and LinuxONE - Software

Are you new to development on z/OS? Or are you an experienced developer interested in the latest and greatest to make your job easier? IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition (IDzEE) is an advanced application development toolset on z/OS. It provides modern integrated development environments, graphical interfaces for semantics and navigation, assistance with automating unit tests, debugging aids and more to assist in improving code quality. 


This webinar will introduce IDzEE then give more detailed information about the advanced Debug and Code Coverage capabilities:


  • Discover how the IMS Transaction Isolation facility offers an improved debugging experience for IMS transactions
  • Learn the benefits of client initiated and automated (headless) code coverage collection and the ability to view, filter, and combine code coverage results
  • Give your developers have a choice in the debug client, with the ability to choose from Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Microsoft® VS Code, CodeReady Workspaces, and Eclipse®, and of course the 3270 client


These smart diagnostic tools are designed to increase efficiencies, provide clues, assist in reducing development and maintenance cycle time and improve quality!