IBM Z Enterprise Knights Days - Australia

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Starts:  Feb 23, 2021 10:00 AM (AEDT)
Ends:  Feb 26, 2021 1:00 PM (AEDT)
Serious topics, serious fun! IBM Z Enterprise Knights Days Conference - a unique cyber security and resiliency event.

About this Event

Each day is jam-packed with engaging activities and outstanding content presented by renowned experts in IBM Z security and resiliency. Muse upon our daily themes:

M = "Managing Access and Logging"

  1. "Thinking about Security. We lied to's not about technology"
  2. "10 Gotchas - Lab Services' Health Check insights"
  3. "JES2 - Recent security topics"
  4. "Compliance and Beyond - Quantum Safe Logs"
  5. "z/OS Data Privacy for Diagnostics"

U = "User Authentication and Analytics"

  1. "Pentesting Z - Stories from the front lines"
  2. "RACF Pass Tickets"
  3. "IBM Z MFA"
  4. "Security Intelligence"
  5. "Mainframe Penetration Testing"

S = "System Integrity and Availability"

  1. "IBM Z and LinuxONE Security Portal - and CVSS Lightning Look"
  2. "Introduction to the IBM z/OS Authorized Code Scanner (zACS)"
  3. "Threat Modeling - A Lightning Introduction"
  4. "IBM Z Cyber Vault"
  5. "System Recovery Boost - Unleash your capacity to maximize your availability"

E = "Encryption and Data Privacy"

  1. "A Knight's Journey to Dataset Encryption - and the dragons you may encounter"
  2. "Encrypting and auditing z/OS network traffic"
  3. "z/OS Data Set Encryption - Supported data set types"
  4. "Selecting your trusted key entry - HSM Management policy"
  5. "Data Privacy Passports"

A typical day includes:

30 minutes - Daily Secure Z! Escape Challenge(s)

75 minutes - 5 Security SME Lightning Talk Videos

15 minutes - Security Guru Game Show

15 minutes - Break

45 minutes - Security SME "Ask Me Anything" Panel

Have a blast while learning relevant cyber security and resiliency information!


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