Accessing z/OS resources with REST APIs using IBM z/OS Connect | Virtual

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When:  Feb 26, 2024 from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM (ET)

IBM will host a Virtual Wildfire Workshop for: Accessing z/OS resources with REST APIs using IBM z/OS Connect

February 26, 2024 

This event will be both presentation and hands-on labs.

Registration ends Feb 23  


Cloud applications are reshaping the way enterprises and systems interact. The dominant standard for new client application development for these new environments uses RESTful APIs for sending and receiving JSON formatted messages to and from backend services.

IBM z/OS Connect (OpenAPI2 and OpenAPI3) provides a framework that enables the use of RESTful APIs and JSON messages for accessing z/OS based services and data when you are developing new cloud and mobile applications for the enterprise integrating of z/OS into your Cloud infrastructure.

This workshop provides an overview of RESTful APIs and instructions on how to develop RESTful APIs using IBM z/OS Connect to access z/OS resources. Details of the development process for each type of z/OS resource will be covered.

When requested, attendees will be given the opportunity to perform exercises using IBM z/OS Connect tooling to develop RESTful APIs for accessing z/OS resources. The exercises are a series of hands-on exercises that go through a step-by-step process that provides the detail and explanation of the steps required to access applications and resources in CICS, IBM MQ, IBM Db2 and IMS TM. The exercises will use IBM Cloud images which have the development tooling already installed and configured. Attendees will be able to perform the exercise from their own device for a limited time after the onsite or WebEx portion of the workshop has completed. No software is required to be installed on an attendee’s device. IBM proctors will be available to provide guidance and assistance to help attendees get started with performing the exercises. The exercises are intended to be self-paced. Access to the images can be requested at later time by contacting your local IBM representative.


At the conclusion of this workshop, an attendee should have the basis for:    

  • Developing new APIs using z/OS Connect tooling that can be consumed by the new cloud and mobile applications for accessing z/OS resources.    
  • Understanding connectivity options between z/OS Connect servers and z/OS backend systems like CICS, IMS DC, IBM MQ, and IBM Db2.  


  • Welcome and Introduction    
  • Presentation – An introduction to IBM z/OS Connect as an API Provider    
  • Exercises for developing APIs to access:        
    • Developing RESTful APIs for accessing a CICS COMMAREA program (OpenAPI 2)        
    • Developing RESTful APIs for accessing a CICS Container program (OpenAPI 2)        
    • Developing RESTful APIs for a CICS Container program (OpenAPI 3)        
    • Developing RESTful APIs for accessing Db2 REST services (OpenAPI 3)        
    • Developing RESTful APIs for accessing an IMS transactions (OpenAPI 2)        
    • Developing RESTful APIs for MQ (OpenAPI 2)


Feb 26, 2024 | 9:00 – 11:30, 1:00 – 4:00 ET


This workshop is designed for developers, administrators, and enterprise architects new to z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition and/or new to RESTful APIs.  

Registrants will first be placed in Pending Approval status and will be notified of approval when it is made.

Upon approval, connection information will be provided. 

Attendees must provide corporate contact information for enrollment approval. 

If you have questions or need more information, contact Brian Birdsong –

Venue:   Virtual Webex Meeting Description: URL / Call-in will be sent separately



Brian Birdsong