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  • 1.  setup the ADCD package

    Posted Thu August 04, 2022 09:36 AM

    Dear zPDT,


    Here is an issue we encounter when we try to setup the ADCD package:


    We would like to expand ADCD 2.5 A5RES1.ZPD and SARES1.ZPD to their ckd format using the Z1091_ADCD_install program.


    We followed following procedure: see attachment, followed procedure.png


    followed procedure

    Here the resulting text:



    ikan@ikand011v:/usr/z1090/bin$ ./Z1091_ADCD_install /home/ikan/Downloads/A5RES1.ZPD /IKAN/zpdt/DASD/A5RES1


    Info: Z1091_ADCD_install: creating file /IKAN/zpdt/DASD/A5RES1 for installation.


    Info: This procedure can take several minutes to complete.


    Error: ADCD File format is invalid or corrupt

    Error: ADCD File format is invalid or corrupt

    Error: ADCD File format is invalid or corrupted



    We  just downloaded it today for a second time, to be sure.

    Of course, folders are available for my 'ikan' user.


    I tested using sudo, also, with other message about libraries access.


    ikan@ikand011v:/usr/z1090/bin$ sudo ./Z1091_ADCD_install /home/ikan/Downloads/A5RES1.ZPD /IKAN/zpdt/DASD/A5RES1

    sudo: /etc/sudoers.d/ibmsys1 is owned by uid 1000, should be 0

    [sudo] password for ikan:

    ./Z1091_ADCD_install: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory



    We applied same changes as IBM support provided about aksusbd and hasplmd services with x86_64 modules.

    But the message is same.


    Can you please help?

    Thank you,


    rene de vleeschauwer

  • 2.  RE: setup the ADCD package

    Posted Mon August 15, 2022 11:23 AM

    This looks like this is an Z/D&T issue, so really should go to that Team. Also from looking at the email it appears they don't have all the necessary packages on the SYSTEM where they are trying to decrypt the volumes.  

    John W Duplantis
    Tech Support
    Coppell TX