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    Posted Thu December 19, 2019 08:11 AM
    I found the AIX Open Source group ( ) which looks really interesting.  However, the forum is being eliminated and when I tried to login or join, I kept getting error messages.  Asked on the discussion forum of the Water Cooler group if there was an alternative to the AIX Open Source forum, but no one answered.  Am hoping this would be a good place to discuss Open Source on AIX and other systems for use with IBM products like Cognos.

    We're currently in the process of installing Cognos on AIX servers.  We've been hitting all kinds of issues with configuration and getting SSL working properly.  I personally think it would be helpful in the debugging process to have a good work environment on those systems.  For instance, we downloaded nano from the AIX Toolbox ( ) using yum.  However, the paging, backspace and delete keys are not functioning as expected.  We keep having to copy configuration files to and from the AIX servers just to edit them.  It could be the ssh client or it could be the terminfo settings or possibly even something in the nano build itself.  Would be nice to have somewhere to discuss topics such as how to set up nano properly.  We've also been looking into using vnc.  Was considering building and installing jwm, urxvt, SciTE and some useful diagnostic tools to make it easier for some of our Data Warehouse staff who are more comfortable with Windows environments.  

    We're also investigating using PostgreSQL as a datasource for Cognos.  We may eventually move it to an AIX server but for now it's on a Windows system.  We're looking into what Open Source tools are available for working with PostgreSQL in a Windows environment.  We have a build of pg_repack that works with PostgreSQL 12.  We're also using PGAdmin3 patched to work with PostgreSQL 12.  We've been looking into using PGAdmin4, but have been hitting several issues with it.  Would be very interesting in comparing notes with others who may be using it.  If you know of other good utilities that would be helpful with PostgreSQL, please post about them.

    If you're using Open Source tools to monitor or work with your Cognos installations and servers, would really like to hear about it.  What tools are you using?  What do you recommend?  Is there any interest in sharing builds of Open Source software?  Thanks.