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  • 1.  IBM z/OS Container Extensions (IBM zCX)

    Posted Fri January 19, 2024 04:42 PM


     Looking for some advice, I am working with a client who is using zCX and would like to list all images they have for MQ Z. When they issue the DOCKER PULL command, it will only pull up the latest, from reading one of our redbooks, that appears to be the way this works. What they would like to do is use the command to pull up all the images and then they can select the one the one they want. This was the question:

    please provide me with a step-by-step guide for the IBM z/OS Container Extensions (IBM zCX) that I can use to view this list of available MQ Images releases in the IBM Container Registry?

    This is all new for me so hopefully this is the right place to ask this question for the client.

    Thank you

    Peter Hamiwka

    Peter Hamiwka

  • 2.  RE: IBM z/OS Container Extensions (IBM zCX)

    Posted Mon January 22, 2024 04:32 AM

    Hi Peter,

    I think you're using the wrong command, docker pull is used to download images from a repository.
    The capability you're looking for is part of the docker search command, you can find more information about it here:

    Once you do a docker pull you can use the docker images command to list what images were downloaded to your local node.

    Hope this helps you.

    Tomer Zelberzvig