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    Posted Tue October 10, 2023 12:02 PM
    Edited by Seenu Suvarna Tue October 10, 2023 12:03 PM

    Attend IBM Z Day and find out the latest about Hyper Protect and other topics....

    Oct 18, 2023 (Partial Talks - 5 tracks)

    1:00 PM EDT: Compliance as a Competitive Advantage for HealthTech Startups

    2:30 PM EDT: The 6 Ps of AI in Fintech Innovation: Pledge, Plan, Predict, Personalize, Pause & Protect

    2:30 PM EDT: Datatech for Good - the Intersection Between Data Ownership and Impact

    3:00 PM EDT: How a Fintech Uses Data and AI for Gender Equality, Enabling Women to Control their Financial Futures

    3:00 PM EDT: Confidential Computing Fireside Chat with IBM Hyper Protect Startups

    3:30 PM EDT: IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator Cohort Launch

    4:00 PM EDT: Venture Capitalist Game Show: Interactive Startup Session - Live from New York!

    Register and watch as many as you can and then go back and watch ones that you may want to re-watch or missed

    Seenu Suvarna